5s system

It is a work program that consists of carrying out activities of order/cleaning and detention of anomalies in the workplace, which by its simplicity allows the participation of all at an individual or group level, improving the work environment and the safety of the personnel.


Improve and maintain the conditions of organization, order and cleanliness in the workplace. It is not only about esthetics. It’s about improving the conditions of work, safety, the work environment, the staff motivation and efficiency and, consequently, quality, productivity and competitiveness of the organization.

5S are five Japanese principles:

Seiri (Sort): It consists of identifying and separating materials. The aim is to remove all unnecessary items from your working environment.

Seiton (Set in order): or Straighten is the process of taking the required items that are remaining after the removal of clutter and arranging them in an efficient manner through the use of ergonomic principles and ensuring that every item “has a place and that everything is in its place.

Seiso (Shine): is organized effective cleaning of your area. It consists in identifying and eliminating sources of dirt, ensuring that all means are always in perfect health condition.

Seiketsu (Standardize): is the process of ensuring that what we have done within the first three stages of 5S become standardized; that is we ensure that we have common standards and ways of working

Shitsuke (Sustain): The purpose of this final stage is to sustain the gains made and make 5S part of your everyday routine in the organization; ensuring that we do not fall back to our old ways and lose all of the 5S Benefits.


There are many benefits implementing the 5s system. Some of them are:

  1. Increase productivity.
  2. Reduce waste.
  3. Improve staff motivation.
  4. Safe environment

For whom are the 5S?

For any type of organization, whether industrial or services, that want to start the continuous improvement process. The 5S are universal, they can be applied in all kinds of companies and organizations, for example: workshops, offices, factories, even in those that apparently they are sufficiently ordered and clean.