Bussiness Diagnosis

Have you ever made a diagnosis of your company?

Do you know the weaknesses and strengths of your company?


The business diagnosis is a simple and useful tool for the purpose of knowing the current situation of an organization and the problems that impede its growth, survival or development. Thanks to this type of diagnosis, the main “root” causes of problems can be detected which enables us to apply the most effective measures and to avoid the waste of energies.


There is a great diversity of methodologies for conducting diagnosis studies in companies and each one focuses on some particular aspect of business life. Some emphasize on productive processes, others in market and consumer aspects.


Guidelines for an effective diagnosis


There are four basic steps leading to concise, complete and innovative results:

  1. The first is to set the parameter of Evaluation. To do this you should pay attention to the markets or customers that are of interest to the managers of the company.
  2. The second step is to get a clear and detailed view of the current state of the company’s production system. To achieve this, resources are used such as interviews (written or recordings), photographs, filming, direct observation, etc.
  3. The third is to determine the degree of scope of the established parameter and if possible, establish a percentage of scope.
  4. Finally, in the fourth step, a key question must be asked. Why you cannot achieve what you established in the company?


To find the answers the company is visualized from integrated perspectives:


Financial Perspective: It is the vision of the numbers and the financial situation of the company, studying the levels of investment, the financial policies, the economic results, the use and application of the business funds, etc.

Customer perspective: This vision focuses on the aspects related to the clients to

which the organization is directed.

Internal processes perspective: This focuses on the analysis of the productive processes of the organization, studying its efficiency and correspondence with the rest of the organization.

Staff and organization capabilities perspective: Finally, the evaluation of the  current capabilities of the staff and the gap that may exist between the capacities required for efficient operation of the productive processes.




In Inversa Consulting we focus on evaluating the perspective of the internal processes and the capabilities of the staff and the organization. We create a diagnosis based on the experiences and knowledge of professional experts in different areas.


An appropriate diagnosis will allow us to determine the best strategies for the fulfillment of the objectives of each organization, we offer a free evaluation of their processes which you can request through our website: or contact us via email: