Introducing the new returns management software. Revel

Reverse logistics, while not being the opposite of forward logistics, is still about products moving backwards in the supply chain. Often, the term reverse logistics is used for products that have already reached the final point of sale or been bought by a customer. However, remember that products or sub assemblies that never made it out of the factory may need to travel backwards one or more stages along the supply chain. This also qualifies as reverse logistics. Reasons why reverse logistics are necessary can be diverse. Customers may find a product to be faulty or unsuitable for their needs. They may have ordered more than they need. They may have simply changed their mind. Manufacturers may recall stock because of flaws or to replace older products with newer ones. They may recall inventory from retailers or reprocess it because it has passed its sell-by date or demand is insufficient. in order to contribute closing the life cycle of products, Inversa Consulting LLC design a new returns management Software REVEL, that will help to control and improve material flow from your customers. Its main objective is to create value where expenses are generated.

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